Training Opportunities

The Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training council requires that each state-certified firefighter demonstrate proficiency in all of the following areas:

Vertical Ventilation with an Axe
Emergency Medical Care
General Firefighting
Fireground Operations
Prevention, Preparedness, and Maintenance

While the Georgia Firefighters Standards and Training Council sets the minimum required hours for fire personnel to maintain state certification, most of the city's fire personnel pursue a much higher level of expertise in a variety of skills. In addition to the core skills, each firefighter must complete an additional 24 hours per year of approved continuing education to advance the firefighter's level of knowledge and ability.


Beyond the scope of basic fire department operations are a number of advanced rescue techniques often referred to as Specialty Rescue. While Marietta's recruits are introduced to the skills required for these advanced rescues, many will not be equipped to complete a certification class until they have several years of experience in the fire service. The specialty rescues include Confined Space Training at Cobb County Facility the following certifications:


Rope Rescue
Confined Space
Crash Vehicle Extrication
Trench Collapse
Building Collapse
Swift Water Rescue
Hazardous Materials
SWAT Medic



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The educational path for motivated firefighters is highly varied. Marietta Firefighters have achieved certifications in numerous areas of expertise. Common certifications include the following:

Prevention Bureau
Fire Inspector
Fire Investigator
Fire Safety Educator


Hazardous Materials Technician
Hazardous Materials Specialist
GA Basic Wildland Firefighter
Pumping Apparatus Operator
Aerial Apparatus Operator
Fire Safety Officer


SWAT Medic
Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic


Peer Fitness Instructor
CrossFit Certification I
CrossFit Certification II


The schedules of training for these areas of expertise vary in length, but most require at least forty hours per level. The prerequisites for these advanced skills generally include NPQ Firefighter I; most require progressive levels of training in a related skill.


Squad Rescue Training

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