Career Development Timeline


Within the first year of employment, all city firefighters must achieve their National Professional Qualifications Certification as Firefighter I and Emergency Medical Technician-Advanced. In the year that follows, individuals must successfully complete the MFD Relief Driver I Program. In addition to learning fireground hydraulics, pump theory and pumping apparatus operations, RD I Candidates must pass a street and map test. Many find this task daunting since the City of Marietta has over 1,000 streets, but with rare exception, most rise to the challenge and pass.


For individuals with the ambition and drive to succeed, there are several paths a promotion can create. In addition to Fire Suppression, other paths include opportunities in the Prevention Division and the Training Division. See the table below for a quick look at career opportunities with our department.



Within First Year

NPQ FF I and EMT-A Certification
NPQ Hazardous Materials-Operations


Within First Two Years

Successful Completion of Relief Driver I Program (Marietta City Street Test and Pumping Apparatus Operator Program)

Promotional Opportunities

After 4 Years

If Relief Driver I Certified for 1+ year, can participate in Firefighter Engineer Promotional Process


After 5 Years

If Firefighter Engineer for 1 year, can participate in Lieutenant Promotional Process


After 6 Years

If Lieutenant for 1 year, can participate in Station Commander Promotional Process


After 7 Years

If Station Commander for 1 year, can participate in Assitant Chief Promotional Process

Possible Career Paths

Prevention Division

Firefighter, Firefighter Engineer: On-Shift Inspector/Investigator

Lieutenant: Inspector I and II, Fire Investigator, Fire Safety Educator, Arson Investigator
Commander: Deputy Fire Marshall
Assistant Chief: Fire Marshall

Training Division

Firefighter, Firefighter Engineer: Fire Department Instructor, Adjunct Recruit Instructor, EMT Instructor
Lieutenant: Recruit/Suppression Training, EMS Training, Homeland Security
Assistant Chief


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